12 Labours of Hercules VIII (P

ASTOUNDING PREQUEL TO THE HERCULES SAGA! A quest for love! Hercules VIII: How I met Megara is an exciting story about the very first adventure of the fearless Greek hero. After seeing a beautiful lady cry on the beach, Hercules knew that he has to do his best to help her. He learns that her sister and her cat went missing after the devastating attack on Thebes...and Hercules is the only one who can save them! It was love at first sight: on a quest to help the woman he loves, Hercules will travel to distant lands, explore Egyptian Pyramids and ruins, glass labyrinths and tombs; investigate mysterious clues, and win Megara's heart! GAME FEATURES: ● Classic time management gameplay! ● Three difficulty settings – play your way! ● Unique tasks on every level! ● Gorgeous HD graphics ● Go even deeper – travel to underground sub-levels! ● Choose your own strategy – each puzzle has multiple solutions! ● Romantic story, cute kittens….and MORE! CONTACT: Website www.jetdogs.com/ Facebook www.facebook.com/JetDogs-Studios-1493529560901683/ Twitter www.twitter.com/jetdogs


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