How It Works

How it works

Essentially Pyrolancer is a reverse auction marketplace and job listing site, ideally suited for users seeking online services. There are two main user groups:

  • Clients - people who need work
  • Workers - people who can perform the work

Clients provide details about their projects. Workers can ask questions and provide an esimated price. There are also two project types:

  • Bid request - workers will provide an estimated price quote
  • Position vacant - workers can apply for the job using contact details

The script matches workers to the projects based on their skill profile and location. Workers can also be discovered by creating a portfolio to showcase their work.


Mobile Friendly

Pyrolancer is built using modern standards. The same codebase can be viewed on every web enabled device:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • Smart TVs / Kiosks

Best of all, the back-end administration area is also responsive, so you can approve projects and manage the site from anywhere in the world.

Other Industries

Pyrolancer is primarily focused on the freelance industry, however this script can be used for niche industries or any service that is provided online.


Graphic Designers Network Administrators Science Research App Developers Game Developers Translators Video Editors Web Developers Copywriters

Worker Profiles

Freelance workers are easy to find, they are always looking for new ways to attract more leads and get more clients. A site running Pyrolancer provides minimal bariers for them to express an interest.


Simple registration

The sign up process is frictionless with minimal barriers:

  • Enter name, email and password
  • Select skills and expertise
  • Choose their location


Workers are notified about jobs matching their skills and location:

  • Notifications are sent by email
  • One email sent per day (job digest)
  • Urgent jobs are sent immediately

The process of finding new clients as a freelancer is quick and painless with Pyrolancer.



Clients gain access to the pool of registered workers by submitting a project that describes what they want.

  • No account is required to start
  • Describe the requirements
  • Upload images or documents
  • Select skills by category or pick by hand
  • Request workers in a specific location (optional)

Bargain for the best price

Pyrolancer will match the project with qualified businesses and notify the workers while giving them a set period of time to respond.


There are two types of project submission, either a bid request or a position vacant.


Bid request

A bid request will ask the worker to give an estimate on how much the work will cost.

  • Fixed rate quote
  • Hourly rate quote


Position vacant

A position vacant project will ask the worker to submit an application with their portfolio, resume or other credentials.

For example, workers could give an estimate of $800 for the work, or they could send an application with their resume.

Portfolio Gallery

A picture says a thousand words. Searching and browsing content using visual imagery is the newest trend in websites. We know your users are going to love this.


Freelancers create a portfolio and showcase their best work, while customers can find the best match by category, city and budget.

Easy to Customise

All Scripts Ahoy! scripts have been built with customisation in mind. We realise that there many be hundreds of potential uses you might be able to think of!

Complete Design Freedom

Designers can enjoy complete control to modify every aspect of the front end. There are no imposed restrictions on how your site can look, no area is off limits!

Develop your own Plugins

Back-end developers can enjoy a modular, API driven framework that allows modification without losing the ability to receive future updates.

Content Management

Pyrolancer also comes bundled with powerful content management features. These make it easy for non-technical to manage menus, pages and update content.

One click updates


Keeping your platform secure and running at top performance, Pyrolancer supports rolling updates. All you do is check for any new updates, click the install button and your done.

Best of all, the updates won't break your site!

Technical Support

All Scripts Ahoy! scripts are built with support in mind. We use simple technologies designed to be understood by the majority of developers, across all ranges of skills.

Installation Service

Need help getting set up? We offer installation services provided with all our scripts. Simply submit a support ticket after purchasing a script.

Community Support

Built around open source tools, there is a thriving community of helpful users who can assist. Along with our private support area, help is not far away.

Professional Support

Should you ever get really stuck, we are here to help. You can submit a paid support ticket to us and we will provide one-on-one support.

Note: When you buy a script from us, you are purchasing a license to access the source code. Support services are not included as part of the script purchase.

Marketing & Promotion


We know getting the word out is important for your success. That's why we've finely crafted our scripts to be SEO friendly and support "plug'n'play" solutions for marketing.

Modern Techologies

Scripts Ahoy! software is powered by modern technologies which have been selected not only for their versatility but wide spread usage.


Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel has taken the PHP world by storm. The most popular framework for good reason, clean code and robust design.

October CMS

OctoberCMS Platform

OctoberCMS is a reliable development framework for rapid application development with particular emphasis on a very small footprint.

Semantic UI

Semantic UI Front-end Framework

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

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