User notifications

These are the notification emails that are sent using Pyrolancer.

Admin templates

  • project-approval-request: A project has been submitted to the website and requires approval.
  • project-reapproval-request: A previously rejected project has been resubmitted for approval.

Public templates

  • client-bid-confirmed: Sent to the project owner when a project enters development status.
  • client-bid-declined: Sent to the project owner when the worker was chosen for a project (auction) but declined the offer.
  • client-digest: Sent to a client when a new bid or question is placed on their project. Max 1 per hour.
  • client-project-approved: Sent to the user when their project has been approved and is now visible on the website.
  • client-project-expired: Sent to the client when one of their projects has expired.
  • client-project-rejected: The project has been rejected and needs attention before being resubmitted.
  • worker-alert: A summary of a single project sent to a worker when an urgent project is submitted.
  • worker-digest: A compilation of projects that relate to the worker, sent in the form of a digest email, often daily. Max 1 per day.
  • worker-testimonial-complete: Sent to the worker when a previous client has left a testimonial about them.
  • worker-testimonial-request: Sent to the worker's previous client or workplace, requesting they submit a testimonial about the worker.
  • worker-bid-accepted: Sent to the worker when their bid on a project was accepted by the client.
  • collab-message: Sent when a user submits a new message to the project collaboration area.
  • collab-update: Sent when a user updates an exisiting collaboration area message with a major update.
  • collab-terminated: Someone terminated the project collaboration.
  • collab-complete: Someone marked the project collaboration as complete.
  • collab-review: Sent to the user when a review is left about them.