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Pyrolancer lets you set up your own freelance marketplace

Pyrolancer is a starter website script used to create an online services marketplace, a platform that allows people to connect about online services. You can set up your own fully functioning marketplace in the time it takes to install the script.

Our goal is to help you get a website running as quickly as possible so you can start building your business and reaching your goals.

If you are looking for the best script for your freelance website: Stop looking! Pyrolancer represents months of development time and planning. If you want the best, you've found it.

Professional support

License holders of Pyrolancer gain access to the private client area.

  • Support forum: Free community support.
  • Ticketing system: Paid one-on-one support.


Every aspect of the script and platform are fully documented. Easy for any developer to make customizations.

Technology used

  • Language PHP
  • Framework Laravel
  • Platform OctoberCMS
  • JavaScript jQuery
  • Styles Semantic UI

Got questions?

What is Scripts Ahoy!?

Scripts Ahoy! is a software solutions company that builds software using PHP, MySQL, AJAX and other technology standards.

How is Scripts Ahoy! Software different?

Scripts Ahoy! Software is unlike any other, it is very smart, completely flexible, easy to operate and totally customisable. A far...

What are the system requirements for your software?

You can find the list of system requirements via the Documentation section of any script. There's also instructions on how to test...

Are Scripts Ahoy! scripts SEO optimised?

Yes! All our scripts are SEO optimised out of the box.

Do Scripts Ahoy! scripts use Geolocation services?

Yes, our scripts use the Google Maps API to provide locations for match making, locations are then cached in the database to speed...

Do Scripts Ahoy! scripts work on mobile devices?

Yes! Scripts Ahoy! and its scripts will work on all mobile devices and tablets. If you have a new device for us to add let us know...

How many websites can I use a license for?

One license can be used for one website. You are permitted to use the same license for a development environment, test environment...

How do you define a Website?

A website is defined as a single public website of one name and design. A single website can use multiple domain names. Sites that...

Is the Source Code included?

The full source code is available for all licenses, this allows you to perform any desired customisations easily.

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$ 697 497 / sale price!

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