How It Works

Bluebell is an online quoting and booking system that is open to providers and customers alike. Primarily used for on-site jobs where the people live near eachother and can visit in person. There are two main user groups:

  • Customers - people who need something done
  • Providers - people who can provide a quote and service

Customers specify the details in their request, including location and availability. Providers can ask questions and provide a detailed quote. There is only one two of request.

The script matches providers to the requests based on their skills, location and schedule. Providers can also be found and contacted using the online directory.

Match Making System

Bluebell uses a special match making system to ensure Providers do not see Requests they are not interested in. The Provider can see the job using this match making process:

Occupation or Skill

The provider must have a "Skills Profile" for the selected occupation to see the job. For example: Only carpenters can see service requests for a carpenter.


If a location is specified, the provider must provide services to that postal/zip code to see it. Or if the "Job can be performed remotely" box is ticked, all providers can see it.

Availability / Time

If a time is specified, the provider must provide services during within that time frame to see it. Or if the job is urgent, flexible, this week, this month is chosen, all providers can see it.

Only get relevant requests

When a provider can see a job it means they have been successfully matched using the above information. They can then offer their services by asking a question or submitting a price quote.

For Service Providers

Service Providers are always looking for new ways to attract more leads and gain more customers. A site running Bluebell is a no brainer for them, they will sign up in minutes.

Provider Registration

Providers are skilled professionals who are looking to find more customer leads for their business. They register a Skill Profile on the site and are notified when a Customer submits a Request that matches their criteria.

The process of finding new customers as a Provider is quick and easy with Bluebell.

For Customers

Customers are people who are looking for home services, such as a Painter, Carpenter or Personal Trainer. They will register on your site and submit a Request for the Provider specific trade or skill.

Customers can join the the site and post a Service Request which describes what they are looking for. Providers are notified of the new job and will visit the site to offer to do the work by submitting a Price Quote.

Ask for a service

Customers post to the site what service they're looking for, where and when they want the service and what they need done.

They can then relax while Bluebell does all the work for them!

Bargain for the best price

Bluebell will match the customer's request with qualified businesses and notify the providers while giving them a set period of time to respond.

Customers will then review the quotes from local businesses, companies and professionals that match the job requirements and offer the most competitive price.

Choose the preferred provider

Customers can check out each short-listed providers profile, previous customer reviews and ratings.

They then make a selection, book in your job and get immediate access to contact the provider!

Easy to Customise

All Scripts Ahoy! scripts have been built with customisation in mind. We realise that there many be hundreds of potential uses you might be able to think of!

Complete Design Freedom

Designers can enjoy complete control to modify every aspect of the front end. There are no imposed restrictions on how your site can look, no area is off limits!

Develop your own Plugins

Back-end developers can enjoy a modular, API driven framework that allows modification without losing the ability to receive future updates.

Content Management

Bluebell also comes bundled with powerful content management features. These make it easy for non-technical to manage menus, pages and update content.

One click updates


Keeping your platform secure and running at top performance, Bluebell supports rolling updates. All you do is check for any new updates, click the install button and your done.

Best of all, the updates won't break your site!

Technical Support

All Scripts Ahoy! scripts are built with support in mind. We use simple technologies designed to be understood by the majority of developers, across all ranges of skills.

Installation Service

Need help getting set up? We offer installation services provided with all our scripts. Simply submit a support ticket after purchasing a script.

Community Support

Built around open source tools, there is a thriving community of helpful users who can assist. Along with our private support area, help is not far away.

Professional Support

Should you ever get really stuck, we are here to help. You can submit a paid support ticket to us and we will provide one-on-one support.

Note: When you buy a script from us, you are purchasing a license to access the source code. Support services are not included as part of the script purchase.

Marketing & Promotion


We know getting the word out is important for your success. That's why we've finely crafted our scripts to be SEO friendly and support "plug'n'play" solutions for marketing.

Modern Techologies

Scripts Ahoy! software is powered by modern technologies which have been selected not only for their versatility but wide spread usage.


Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel has taken the PHP world by storm. The most popular framework for good reason, clean code and robust design.

October CMS

OctoberCMS Platform

OctoberCMS is a reliable development framework for rapid application development with particular emphasis on a very small footprint.

Semantic UI

Semantic UI Front-end Framework

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

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