• Scripts Ahoy! is a software solutions company that builds software using PHP, MySQL, AJAX and other technology standards.

  • Scripts Ahoy! Software is unlike any other, it is very smart, completely flexible, easy to operate and totally customisable. A far cry from sites of old, Scripts Ahoy! scripts are easy and enjoyable to use!

  • You can find the list of system requirements via the Documentation section of any script. There's also instructions on how to test if your host is compatible by running a simple test installation!

  • Any web host that meets the system requirements should do the trick!

  • Script prices will vary slightly according to the work put in to create them, you can check out pricing via the scripts listing here. The current pricing structure is in line with the support available, the product itself with a large support team is worth quite a bit more.

  • If you're on a tight budget, you may still be able to afford the script you are after! From time to time we put our scripts on sale and you can pick one up for a discount.

  • There are no ongoing fees to use our software, all scripts are sold with a one-time licensing fee.

  • Our prices are in USD, to check conversion rates you will need to use a currency converter at the time of purchase.

  • As a new site, we are currently building a portfolio for everyone to see, check back soon!

  • We use the OctoberCMS platform. We still use PHP coding language with practices similar to Ruby on Rails (Ruby) or Laravel Framework (PHP). Check the script documentation for everything you need to know about the technology used.

  • The files in Scripts Ahoy! scripts are not encrypted except for a few files that are only used by us to check licenses, you can make changes as you like (however this is of course at your own risk).

  • When ordering a license, you will receive a download link along with your serial number via email. You can download the latest files at any time by accessing the client area.

  • You can check for updates and upgrade the platform at any time by clicking System > Updates. This will keep your back-end and database up to date. Read the documentation on how to update the script files.

  • Scripts Ahoy! scripts are compatible with all plugins found in the OctoberCMS ecosystem. We do list some plugins on this website and you are welcome to use them.

  • Good question. There are many ways you can make money, one option is own and operate your site, then charge your users a fee for using it. For example, a membership program or a listing fee. Another option is to design the site with your own brand, promote it to get users and then sell it to someone else. This is called "flipping" and there are marketplaces available for you to resell your website, such as See the question below about transferring licenses to other people.


  • Yes! All our scripts are SEO optimised out of the box.

  • Yes, our scripts use the Google Maps API to provide locations for match making, locations are then cached in the database to speed up the searching process.

  • Yes! Scripts Ahoy! and its scripts will work on all mobile devices and tablets. If you have a new device for us to add let us know.

  • Our scripts are designed to be used for getting a website started. We intentionally don't try to add all possible features, just the basics. If you cannot find what you're looking for in the feature list, try asking the community in our forums. Alternatively, the OctoberCMS platform used contains a huge collection of plugins that can be used to add features. Finally, consult with a developer to have the features added.

  • We do not provide release dates for features or accept feature requests. We add features we think everyone needs, and at our own pace. If a feature is needed you should consider hiring a developer available who can help you with adding those features.

  • There are plenty of social integration plugins on the OctoberCMS website, under the "Social" category. All of these plugins are fully compatible with our scripts.

  • Scripts Ahoy! scripts do not charge user fees out of the box. This is for several reasons, it means the price for a script is much lower and it helps keep the script simple. We also think the most successful online businesses are free at the beginning. This is a proven strategy, first offer your services for free to get hundreds of users, then once you are popular enough, the fees are added to the site later. Keep in mind, how you charge fees is a creative process and there are many different strategies you can use. The possibilities are endless, you can charge fees from day one if you like. We prefer to focus more time on the script features instead of trying to build all the possible fee structures. See the question below on how to integrate fees.



  • Go to our client area page for assistance, you can log a support ticket here or get help from our community with the support forum. We aim to review paid support tickets within 24-48 hrs and sooner if urgent. Responses are provided in the support forum at least once per week. Documentation is also available for all our scripts. If all else fails just drop us a line directly via email!

  • Yes, for $120 we will install your copy of a Scripts Ahoy! script on your web host. After purchasing a script, submit a paid support ticket in the professional support area to request installation.

  • Once you have purchased a Scripts Ahoy! script you will gain access to the private support area. The community support area is free to use and get support. Please note support is not included as part of the script price, it includes access and delivery of the script source code only. In most cases you are expected to be a developer, or hire a developer to help support building your website.

  • You should report bugs using the private support forum. Note that we will only fix genuine bugs and issues that affect all users, or are affecting the demo site. If you have a bug in your website implementation, not related to the script, it will require a paid support ticket.

  • We are a very small team and work as hard as we can to cover all bugs reported, this makes it hard to estimate how long it will take to fix a bug. If a bug is urgent or a security related, we will fix it with top priority.

  • Due to our small size and growing workload we are rarely able to arrange times to take calls or chat over IM. Please use our support forum or email us as many details as you can so that we can respond ASAP.


  • Yes one of the best features of Scripts Ahoy! scripts is that they are fully customisable, you can outsource this or do it yourself. See the documentation for more details on how to customise a script.

  • In almost all cases you will be able to update the platform without breaking your site. This means your site will remain secure and stable always. If you want to update the script features, you can download the latest script files and use a merging tool to combine your customisations with the latest version.

  • Yes, Scripts Ahoy! does support using a different language other than English. Other languages are not provided out of the box, the translation itself is required to be performed by a translator.

  • It is possible to translate all our scripts from the start as the contents are stored as basic HTML files. Initially scripts are built using English only to get them released sooner, as time passes we will add special translation features that allow anyone to translate the script using the beautiful interface that comes with the Translate plugin found on the OctoberCMS website.

  • Once you have decided on how you want to charge fees, for example, you could charge an annual or monthly membership for some users, or charge a fee to use a certain feature. You can use a developer to implement it for you. There are many tools available to developers that make this work easy. For example the Pay plugin can raise invoices and the Subscribe plugin can handle memberships. The only thing left to do is the integration, which can be handled by any developer.

  • Yes, you can use tax settings for your local country using the Payment plugin.

  • You can customise the look of your Scripts Ahoy! script by creating a new theme. You have access to all the necessary HTML code and stylesheets to customise everything -- no area is off limits!

  • We usually like to stick to our knitting, we provide tools for other developers and do not provide development services directly. All our scripts are designed for other developers to easily understand and customize.

  • You can post your request on our private support forum to see if someone from the community can help. If you need more options there are many freelance websites online that can connect you with a developer. We are confident that any developer can work our scripts, even beginners!