About us

Here at Scripts Ahoy! We are at the forefront of innovative technology, scriptsahoy.com is a brand new premier site producing cutting edge web development in the field of clone scripting.

Experts in web development and accessing the latest technologies, our developers of Scripts Ahoy! products create high impact websites with the desirable functionality of the most sought after sites in today’s market.

Initially specialising in the service marketplace, we proudly begin our journey to become the leading producer of clone scripts, inviting you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to get on board at the ground floor, be first, ahead of your competition and be a part of the legacy that will be left in the world of accessible technology.

What we are all about

We understand the feeling of seeing a better future for a website already in operation and the passion it takes to foresee this dream. Our small team of developers are bucking the trend of poorly built scripts by creating awe-inspiring scripts that are designed to customize easily and effortlessly.

Clone scripts being a taboo is a thing of the past, you too can now compete against the big guns and create your own version of a popular website without the ludacris time and costs required, saving you countless hours trying to replicate a website and upto 80% of the cost.

Where we came from

From the quiet capital of Australia, Canberra, our Scripts Ahoy!’s developers started building scripts in 2009 specifically for the Freelance industry, when would be clients saw this work, by popular demand, websites for other industries were quickly put into development.

After building scripts for clients from scratch time after time it was clear there had to be a better way. Reusable and more manageable scripts were developed for clients, most of which were ideas based from existing websites. From here we could see the big picture and it dawned on all of us that our scripts should be built as ‘starter’ platforms based on industry giants and Scripts Ahoy! was born...

What we stand for

Being a small business with humble beginnings, Scripts Ahoy! may be new but we have a solid background born out of pure passion for what we do that offers over 12 years of experience in web development and design for clients worldwide. We have closer relationships with our clients, and are coming from the same place that you are and understanding your needs.

We believe in our capacity to build quality software inspired by some of the greatest sites in the world but we also know that this alone is not enough, we also believe that offering you the ability to "tweak" and modify these websites to a specific niche market is critical.

The Scripts Ahoy! goal is simple; to take your ideas and make them a reality in the fastest and cheapest way possible.

Where we are going

In the coming months, we plan to offer our customers the business tools to launch a website for themselves easily and effortlessly and we’ll be drumming up possibilities in the realm of collaboration scripting.

We are committed to responding to all of your questions and concerns, although our community is only small at the moment, we plan on keeping our supporters involved and on track and listening to feedback on how we can improve. Our ‘doors’ are always open and we are all ears when we say "help us, help you."